Parking in Wexford Town

This is a guide to parking in Wexford Town. Note that some of these are privately-owned car parks and that different pricing structures, maximum stay times and opening periods will apply. Not all of them are Pay-and-Display. More often than not, you will end up paying somewhere in the region of €1 and €2 per hour.

Below is a map that pinpoints the exact locations of these car parks. For further information, be sure to scroll down past the map:


Redmond Road

On Redmond Road, which enters Redmond Square from the North-West, you will find two separate car parks. One of them is a large barrier-protected car park that is situated beside the old Cineplex Cinema. The other is a Pay-and-Display car park that is located beside the Dunnes Stores supermarket. Note that the term “barrier-protected” means that you will be given a ticket upon entry and that you will need to pay the fee before you can leave. The car park on Redmond Road is convenient for those who are travelling via Wexford Train Station, as the production of a train ticket will result in free parking.

Car Park Wexford

Situated beside the old Cineplex cinema on Redmond Road.

Sam McCauley

There is a Pay-and-Display car park at the back of the Sam McCauley Chemist building in Redmond Square (where the Wexford Library was located before it was moved to a newly-built premises on Mallin Street). This one can be extremely busy during peak shopping hours.


Across Wexford Bridge, in Ferrybank, you will find a barrier-protected car park. During the summer months, this one is popular amongst those who are willing to take the short 5-minute walk across the bridge. Its popularity takes a nose-dive during the winter months, when the walk across Wexford Bridge becomes uncomfortable due to cold winds and rain. Currently, this car park is great value at €2 per day (price correct as of November, 2015).

Wexford Bridge

At the base of Wexford Bridge (townside), you will find a privately-owned lot.

Model Steam Bakery

Close to the quay-side entrance of Shaws Department Store, there is a barrier-protected car park. This is in the area where the old F. O’Connor and Company Model Steam Bakery entrance used to be (before it was demolished in late 2014).

Supervalu / Key West

In the Key West area, opposite the Supervalu supermarket, you will find a large Pay-and-Display car park. This one is particularly busy during peak shopping hours, as it is located smack-bang in the centre of Wexford Town. It is also a popular spot for shoppers that are looking to pick up furniture pieces and other items from the nearby Argos store. Note that there is also a barrier-protected underground car park in the area. More often than not, this will have a number of free parking spaces.

Rowe Street Church

Rowe Street Church is another popular spot, as it is just a two-minute walk away from Wexford’s Bullring. It is also located close to the Arts Centre and the Opera House. Note that this place can be extremely busy during the 12PM (noon) mass on a Sunday and 6PM on a Saturday. This is barrier-protected and its entrance can be found on John Street.

High Street

At the end of High Street, you’ll find another extremely-popular Pay-and-Display car park. Note that you are unlikely to find a free space during peak shopping hours, as it is relatively small and its close proximity to Wexford’s South Main Street means that its available spaces are often treated like gold dust.

Crescent Quay

The entrance to this area can be found on Crescent Quay, beside the old-fashioned brick building. This is another popular spot, as it is connected to the Main Street via a small alley called Keyser’s Lane.

Wexford Quay

On Wexford Quay, beside the tourism building, there is a lengthy car park that stretches down past the Talbot Hotel. More often than not, there will always be a free space. However, the spots that are closest to the entrance are always the first ones to be occupied.

Paul Quay, Wexford

The car park on Wexford’s quay-front. Located beside the Tourist Information building. As you can see, the rail line runs through this area.


In the Paul Quay area of Wexford, you will find the new-ish Stonebridge development, which is a stone throw away from South Main Street. Here, you will find a multistorey car park. This one is unique, as it allows its visitors to stay over the course of a few days (there are also weekly and monthly payment options available).

Bride Street

There is a relatively-small car park on Bride Street, just up the road from Bugler Doyles on South Main Street.


The free car park at Tesco on Distillery Road is a 5-10 minute walk away from Wexford’s town centre (about 0.5 kilometres). Although this is free, it is worth noting that it has a maximum stay limit of three hours and that car registration numbers are often recorded during staff patrols.

Tesco Car Park Wexford

The Tesco supermarket on Distillery Road.


This one is located at the back of Colman Doyle Homestores, close to South Main Street. You will find the main entrance on King Street.

Bride Street Church

This is another popular spot that is located within walking distance of the town centre. Note that Bride Street Church is a “twin” of Rowe Street Church and that the same rules apply. i.e. It is barrier-protected and mass times on Saturday evening and Sunday morning will be particularly busy.

Note that there are a number of Pay-and-Display spaces in and around the town centre. However, these spaces are difficult to get, even during off-peak hours. Some examples include Hill Street, George’s Street, Selskar Street and Redmond Road.

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