ATM Machines in Wexford

Looking for an ATM machine in Wexford? If so: Fear not, as we have you covered! Below, you will find the locations of a number of ATM machines throughout the town. We have also added information about whether they are accessible on a 24-hour basis or not.

Below, you will find a map showing the locations of some of the ATM machines in Wexford Town. Scroll down past the map if you need information about the times that they can be accessed and the banks that own them:


Further information about these machines can be found below:

24 Hours

These are ATM machines that can be accessed at all times. i.e. They are located outside.

AIB Branch

At the AIB branch on Wexford’s North Main Street, there are two exterior machines. The first one is located at the front of the building, on Wexford’s Main Street. This particular machine is probably the busiest ATM in the entire town, simply because of its central location. The second machine is located in the SuperValu / Argos car park at the back of the building. You’ll find that the one at the back of the AIB branch is less used, as doesn’t see the same level of footfall.

Bank of Ireland Branch

There is a Bank of Ireland branch on Wexford’s Common Quay Street. Like AIB, it also has two exterior ATM machines that can be accessed on a 24-hour basis. The first one is located at the front of the building, on the quay. The second one is located in the small barrier-protected car park at the back.

Bank of Ireland, Wexford

The Bank of Ireland building on Wexford’s quay-front.


The Tesco supermarket on Distillery Road has two Ulster Bank ATM machines. The first one is on the outside of the building, where the roofed car park meets the large outside car park. The second machine can be found on the inside of the supermarket, close to the Customer Service desk (just before you enter the cafe).

Hugh Boggan Motors

On the national road that runs past Wexford General Hospital and the Wexford Racecourse, there is a petrol station called Hugh Boggan Motors. On the outside of the building, you will find a 24-hour Bank of Ireland ATM.

Ulster Bank Branch

On North Main Street, across from Charlotte Street, there is an Ulster Bank ATM. This particular machine is a popular one (especially on a Friday and Saturday night), as it is located in a busy area, close to the Centenary Stores.

Permanent TSB

Across from the Arts Centre in Wexford’s Cornmarket area, there is a Permanent TSB branch, which has an ATM at the entrance to the building.


These are machines that can only be accessed during regular business hours. i.e. These are located inside shops, garages and supermarkets.

Dunnes Stores

Inside the Dunnes Stores supermarket in Redmond Square, there is a Bank of Ireland ATM. This is located at the back of the store, close to the Customer Service desk.

Sam McCauley

There are two Sam McCauley stores in the centre of Wexford Town. They both have AIB machines. The biggest store is located in Redmond Square, close to the train station. The smaller store is located on North Main Street, a few yards away from the top of Anne Street.

1798 Street

The petrol station (Top SS XL Store) / butchers on 1798 Street contains an Ulster Bank ATM.


The Londis store in Coolcotts has an AIB machine.


The SuperValu supermarket on Custom House Quay contains a Bank of Ireland machine.

St. Aidan’s Shopping Centre

The Pettitts Supervalu supermarket in St. Aidan’s Shopping Centre contains two Bank of Ireland ATMs.


The Shaws department store on Wexford’s North Main Street contains an Ulster Bank machine.

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