Guide to County Wexford

A list of guides and informative articles that relate to County Wexford in Ireland. This section will serve as an information hub; both for visitors and natives. As time goes on, more and more articles will be added.

Places to visit in Wexford.

In our “Places section”, you’ll find a number of informative articles about some of the historical sites, scenic areas and general places of interest that you can visit in County Wexford.

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Things for kids and families to do in Wexford.

A list of things that kids and families can do in County Wexford.

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Map of beaches in Wexford.

An interactive map showing the locations of some of the best beaches in County Wexford.

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ATM Machines in Wexford Town.

We’ve written an in-depth guide to some of the ATM locations in Wexford Town. Map and bank-types included!

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Car Parks in Wexford Town.

Information about parking / car park locations in Wexford Town.

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Wexford History.

In our history section, you will find dozens of articles about the history of County Wexford. We’ve touched on everything from Norman tower houses to historical prison records.

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Biographies of local Wexford people.

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Parking at Wexford’s GAA Park.

Because the parking situation at Wexford’s GAA Park can be tricky at best, we’ve written a short guide about parking at the venue. For the sake of handiness, we’ve also included a map, as well as the GPS co-ordinates of the stadium.

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Cafes in Wexford Town.

If you’re looking for a hot mug of tea or a quick bite to eat, you should check out our guide to some of the coffee shops in Wexford Town.

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Wexford Facts.

We’ve written an article called “15 Interesting Facts About Wexford“. Have a read if you’re interested in learning about some of the lesser-known facts about the county! You might be surprised!

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Map of Wexford.

We’ve created an interactive Google Map of Wexford Town.

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Petrol Stations in Wexford.

A map showing the locations of some of the petrol stations in Wexford Town.

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Wexford Train Station.

Wexford’s O’Hanrahan Railway Station is situated in Redmond Square, close to the main shopping centre of Wexford Town.

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Rent Prices in Wexford.

A list of rent-related statistics for County Wexford.

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Childbirth statistics for Wexford.

Child birth statistics for County Wexford.

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Planning Permission statistics for Wexford.

Statistics and graphs showing the number of granted planning permissions for dwellings in County Wexford.

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Wexford Town – Census 2011

Interesting facts from the 2011 Census. Which part of Wexford has the highest percentage of single people? Which area is the most deprived?

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Music stores in Wexford.

A guide to music stores in Wexford Town.

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