Music stores in Wexford.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of music stores in Wexford Town have been forced to close their doors over the years. As access to the Internet became more widespread, these outlets found it increasingly difficult to compete with the rise of cheap digital sales, music streaming services such as Spotify, video websites such as Youtube and music piracy.

At the turn of the new millennium, Wexford Town was home to music outlets such as Square Discs, BPM Records and Whites For Music, all of which sold CDs, records, MP3 players and posters.

In 2011, the popular chain BPM Records decided to close its remaining stores in Wexford and Waterford. Previously, the chain had been forced to scale down when it closed its outlets in New Ross and Mallow, County Cork.

In June of 2014, Wexford’s only remaining general purpose CD store, Whites for Music, announced that it had decided to cease trading. This came as a blow for the town, as Whites For Music was also the only Ticketmaster centre in the entire county.

Whites For Music, Wexford

The Whites For Music store on Wexford’s South Main Street. Nowadays, the premises is home to Nikara Hair & Beauty Studio.

Nowadays, if you want to purchase a CD, you will probably need to visit some of the larger “super stores” such as Tesco. The Xtra Vision store on North Main Street also sold CDs until the company was liquidated in January of 2016 (DVD rental stores have also found it difficult to cope with the rise in popularity of the Internet).

If you are specifically looking for vinyl records, then you’ll be happy to know that a store called South East Records exists on Peter Street.

If you are looking for musical equipment, then you can visit Minstrel Music on Peter Street or Trax on Whitemill Road. Trax is a large 3,500 sq. foot store that sells everything from guitars to headphones and DJ equipment. Minstrel Music sells instruments such as acoustic guitars and drum kits.