Everything you need to know about the Wexford Winterland Festival.

Santa, Wexford
Santa makes his way through Wexford's North Main Street.

The Wexford Winterland Festival kicked off in style last Saturday when Santa Clause led his parade to Wexford’s Bullring, where the festive lights were switched on. As the festival continues throughout the Christmas period, locals and visitors alike will be treated to a number of different events and amenities, as well as periods of free parking and on-street Christmas music.

“Wexford on Ice”, which is sponsored by Sports Savers, has seen the construction of an ice rink on Wexford’s quay-front. This ice rink is situated inside of a large marquee that has been surrounded by a wall of Christmas trees and fairy lights. Inside of this “Christmas encampment”, you will also find a hot food kiosk, which sells hot dogs, burgers and drinks. Prices for the ice rink are as follows:

  • Child: €10 (Monday – Thursday). €12 (Friday – Sunday).
  • Adult: €12 (Monday – Thursday). €14 (Friday – Sunday).
  • Family of three: €30 (Monday – Thursday). €35 (Friday – Sunday).
  • Family of four: €35 (Monday – Thursday). €40 (Friday – Sunday).

Days during the Christmas holidays (from Monday, the 22nd of December) will be priced the same way as weekend days. This means that Thursday, the 18th of December will be the last day that people can avail of regular midweek prices.

Shoppers will be delighted to know that a number of retail outlets will remain open until 9PM each Thursday in the lead up to Christmas. To facilitate shopping during the holiday season, two separate periods of free public parking have been set aside:

  • Every Tuesday from 11AM onward.
  • Every Thursday from 5PM onward.

Note that this free parking applies to County Council car parks and on-street parking spots.

Wexford Winterland

The Wexford Winterland entrance on Wexford Quay.

On Friday, the 12th of December, the “Selskar Under The Stars” venue will open in Selskar Square. This new venue will host a number of different movies, bands and family events. Some of the events that have been lined up include:

  • Mick Flannery.
  • The Dublin Gospel Choir.
  • Showings of Christmas movies such as “Home Alone”, “Miracle on 34th Street”, “The Muppet Christmas Carol”, “The Snowman” and “Arthur Christmas”.
  • Corner Boy.
  • The Gateway Orchestra.
  • Irish stand-up comedian Neil Delamere.
  • The Strypes.

For tickets or more information, be sure to check out the the Wexford Winterland website. You can also visit the Wexford Winterland Box Office, which is situated on Wexford’s North Main Street, at the top of Anne Street. Wexford Winterland is brought to you by Wexford County Council, in association with Wexford Chamber, Wexford People, the Wexford Retail Committee and Lantern Events.