If you could change one thing about Wexford, what would it be?

Old Cineplex Cinema in Wexford

The old Cineplex cinema in Wexford Town.

Last week, we asked our Facebook followers what they would change about Wexford. The post was well-received, drawing the attention of over 4.5K people. Here are some of the most popular comments.

Refurbish the old cinema.

One of the most popular suggestions came from Wexford native Darren Beaver, who stated that the old Cineplex cinema by Dunnes Stores should be refurbished and brought “back to life.” According to Darren, the newer Omniplex cinema on the Rosslare Road in Drinagh is out of reach for people who do not own cars.

Others expressed the opinion that the abandoned premises should be converted into a new train station.

Live Music.

Another popular suggestion came from Dermot Bradley, who stated that Wexford Town lacked a live music venue. He went on to say that the old cinema building would be an ideal location:

The thing that Wexford town lacks is a dedicated live music venue. Something other than the opera! The old cinema near Redmond Square would make an ideal location. Something similar to the Forum in Waterford. Sadly that too is gone! The Crown Bar was a great spot for live music on a Friday night. We need a weekend music venue capable of holding good bands.

Sports Park.

Charlotte Creane said that the town needs a park where children from the community can play sports in:

A community sports park for kids in the town to go and play football. When I was young, we spent the summer in Redmond Park and the lads played football from morning until night. There’s nowhere for kids to go now. No ball games allowed in Redmond Park now, no dogs allowed there either. Always envious when I drive past the football pitch and playground on the way to New Ross.

Dog Poop.

Many people were quick to register their dissatisfaction at the level of dog poop in the town, with Raymond Shannon suggesting that a dog warden be placed on the quay. Other’s pointed out that there is “dog crap everywhere” and that more should be done to force owners to clean up after their pets.

Other suggestions.

  • Tina Taylor said that shops and supermarkets should put coupons in the local newspapers.
  • Alexander John Court recommended that the Wexford to Waterford rail line be re-opened during the summer months.
  • Jason Rowe stated that the town needs a proper American steakhouse restaurant.
  • Suzanne Mc Aleenan and a number of other commentators were quick to criticize the lack of free parking in Wexford Town.
  • Mark Mahoney said that the quay waters should be cleaned up so that people can swim in them again.
  • Stan Fox stated that more CCTV cameras should installed in order to curb anti-social behaviour.
  • Preeti Leacy said that the town lacked a proper shopping mall.
  • Many people commented on the state of the quay front, with Stan Fox saying that it was an “eyesore” that needed to be refurbished.
  • Jennifer Coady criticised the fact that the old Dunnes Stores premises on Wexford’s South Main Street is still vacant.
  • Eamonn Nolan pointed out that there is a lack of choice when it comes to men’s clothes shops.
  • Audrey Wickham said that the town needed a Sushi restaurant, whereas Mark Reyburninho stated that it needed a “proper sports bar.”
  • Dane Tyghe suggested that the council should bring in a law against “jay walking.”  Dane went on to say that Wexford pedestrians are too casual at crossing the road and that their behaviour sometimes borders on reckless.