Redmond Park

Redmond Park Wexford

Redmond Park was opened in May of 1931 as a memorial for Wexford-born politician and soldier, Major Willie Redmond. Redmond, who grew up in Ballytrent, County Wexford, was a strong advocate of Irish Home Rule and a participant in the Irish National Land League agitation.

During the Battle of Messines  in World War One, Redmond was hit in the wrist and the leg as he led his men from the trenches. Later that day, he passed away as a result of shock.

Willie Redmond Memorial Statue

His memorial statue, which is situated at the front of Redmond Park, is inscribed with the following quote:

I should like all my friends in Ireland to know that in joining the Irish Brigade and going to France, I sincerely believed, like all the Irish soldiers, that I was doing my best for the welfare of Ireland in every way.

The memorial bust of Willie Redmond was crafted by Irish nationalist Oliver Sheppard in 1930. Sheppard is also well-known for having sculpted the Bullring’s iconic pikeman statue back in 1905. A plaque commemorating Major Willie Redmond also exists at the Redmond monument in Redmond Square.

A drone video of the park:

The park itself contains picnic benches and a children’s playground. At the rear of the park, you will find the remnants of an old pond, which used to contain ducks and other wildlife. Since then, the pond has dried up and is currently overgrown with various trees, bushes and plant life.

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, the park picked up a bad reputation as it was sometimes used as a drinking spot by local youths. Since then, however, the park’s reputation has improved, thanks to a badly-needed makeover, more stringent regulations and the introduction of a new playground. On a dry day, you’ll find that the playground is a hugely popular destination for local parents and their children.

The park has a number of benches and picnic tables; including this make-shift chair, which was carved from the stump of a tree:

Tree Stump Chair

Towards the rear of the park, you will find an unofficial back-entrance into Parklands, which is an avenue that has an exit on Newtown Road. Although Wexford County Council have made several attempts to close this entrance, local people are often quick to break through any fences that are erected:


This entrance is often used by locals, who sometimes use it as an alternative route to and from Wexford’s town centre.

Throughout the Autumn months, Redmond Park becomes awash with beautiful shades of brown and orange, as the leaves begin to descend from the trees. During this time of the year, you’ll find that the ground is covered with a magnificent carpet of fallen leaves.

Redmond Park Autumn

Redmond Park during Autumn.

It is also worth noting that the park is home to a number of different community events, such as “Neighbours’ Day” and “Picnic in the Park”, which are organised by a community group called Love Redmond Park. Throughout the course of the year, the members of this group do a wonderful job of organising events, reverting vandalism and cleaning up litter.

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The main entrance to Redmond Park is located on Spawell Road, just up from the Loreto Secondary school. The sign on the front gate informs visitors that the park is closed after 5pm, between the months of October and April. It is also worth noting that dogs are forbidden from entering the park, which is a rule that was introduced in an attempt to keep the park free of dog poop.

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