Wexford Parking Fails

For the past year or so, a Facebook page called Wexford Parking Fails has been compiling examples of bad parking throughout Wexford. The pictures, which are sent into the page by contributors, show examples of multiple parking spaces being straddled, as well as cars that have been hastily parked on paths and pedestrian walkways:

Spotted at the Custom House Quay, beside Argos:

Custom House Key, Wexford

Taken at Tesco car park in Wexford Town:

Disabled Parking Space

Spotted in Anne Street, Wexford:

Anne Street, Wexford

A motorist in Enniscorthy manages to find a cosy spot:

Parking, Enniscorthy

Londis car park:

Londis, Wexford

One driver loses their sense of direction:

Straddling parking spaces.

Somebody attempts to drive into Ryan Opticians (insert joke about glasses here):

Bullring, Wexford

A motorist takes up two disabled parking spaces in Tesco:

Taking up disabled parking spaces.

St. Aidan’s car park in Wexford Town:

St. Aidan's, Wexford

On the path outside of Dunnes Stores in Redmond Square (at least they didn’t park on the double yellow lines):

Dunnes Stores parking, Wexford

A car in Tesco manages to take up four parking spaces:

Tesco car park, Wexford

Diagonal is the new straight:

Bad parking, Ireland

We’re told that the motorist that parked this car was purchasing flowers from a shop across the road:

Wexford Quay

Somebody tries to hide their car in the bushes at Tesco car park:

Bad Parking Ireland

If you’re interested in seeing more parking fails, be sure to check out their Facebook page by clicking here.