Henrietta Street, Wexford

Henrietta Street is a small street that connects Wexford’s South Main Street with Crescent Quay. The street is also connected to nearby Cinema Lane via a small archway. The origin of the name Henrietta remains unclear. i.e. It could have been named after the relative of a local property owner or developer (or Princess Henrietta of England).

An attempt to change the name to O’Hanrahan Street failed in 1932, when the proposed name was rejected by locals.

Henrietta Street, Wexford

Above: Henrietta Street, as photographed from Wexford’s Main Street. This was taken outside of Simon’s Place, which is a popular pub that is often visited by those involved with the Wexford Opera Festival. On the left, you can see the entrance to the sports section of Hore’s Department Store. In the far distance, you can see the back of the John Barry statue, which overlooks Crescent Quay.

In the past, the street was referred to as Henrietta Lane. Before the land around Wexford Quay was reclaimed, the shoreline of Wexford Harbour would have reached as far as Henrietta Street.

Henrietta Street

Pictured above: Looking up towards South Main Street.

henrietta street

Above: A shot of the street at night. Photograph taken on the 11th of October, 2014.

Businesses in the area include No Frills Hair Salon, Wexford Sewing Shop, Cream Coffee Shop, Crescent Dry Cleaners, McCormack Corish Real Estate and Zodiak, which is a Polish food store.

1901 Census.

The 1901 Census tells us that families such as Redmond, Hanly, Hutchinson and O’Connor lived on Henrietta Street. An examples of some of the households that were included in the census:

  • 1 Henrietta Street: Moses Redmond was a 68-year-old widower who lived by himself in 1 Henrietta Street. He was an unemployed plasterer that could read and write.
  • 2 Henrietta Street: Three members of the Hanly family were living in 2 Henrietta Street. Johanna Hanly (62) was a retired teacher. Although she was married, her husband is not listed on the census form (her husband may have been working elsewhere at the time – possibly at sea). Ms Hanly lived with her son and daughter: John (25), who was a limeman and Mary Kate (26), who was a dressmaker.
  • 5 Henrietta Street: Five members of the Hutchinson lived in 5 Henrietta Street. Thomas, who was a 66-year-old ship owner and agent. His wife Margaret (65). Their son William (38), who worked as a coal merchant. Their daughter Ellen Margaret (27). Their son Peter (22), who worked as a coal merchant’s assistant (possibly working as an assistant to his older brother William).


A Google map showing the location of Henrietta Street: