Man faces criminal charges after lifebuoys vandalised on Wexford Bridge.

Wexford Bridge
Wexford Bridge.

Update: 19/01/2015.

While speaking to Wexford Hub, Wexford County Council Cllr. George Lawlor said that there is a ‘strong indication’ that the man in question will not face charges. Although there has been no confirmation that a final decision has been made; current indications suggest that the man in question will receive a caution, as it is believed to be his first offence.


Original Article:

A man is facing the possibility of criminal charges following the vandalisation of two lifebuoys on Wexford Bridge.

On New Years Eve night, two lifebuoys were removed from their housing units on Wexford Bridge before being thrown into the River Slaney.

A suspect was identified after volunteers from the Wexford MarineWatch spotted the incident and notified members of the An Garda Síochána.

The incident was captured on CCTV and it is expected that the man will now face charges relating to criminal damage and tampering with a life-saving device.

While speaking in response to the vandalisation, the Wexford MarineWatch Facebook page reminded its followers that a ‘stolen ringbuoy is a stolen life.’ ‘Please remember that these are NOT TOYS, whether you are drunk or not – They are there to save a life, and they belong to the people of Wexford.’ ‘It could be you or one of your family that need it some day.’

The lifebuoys in question were immediately replaced by members of the volunteer group, which has been in operation since December of 2012. Since its inception, Wexford MarineWatch has successfully reduced deaths in the area by carrying out several “Intervention & Safety Patrols” a week. The group is currently carrying out a recruitment drive for 2015.