Two people rescued by RNLI in Wexford after suspected suicide attempt.

Two people were rescued by the RNLI in Wexford last night after a suspected suicide attempt.

The incident occurred last night when a man jumped into the water at Wexford’s quay front.

Luckily, the man was saved when a trained lifeguard, who was sitting on the quay at the time, jumped in and managed to keep him afloat.

The lifeguard, who spoke to South East Radio this morning, said that he had been sitting on Wexford’s quay front when the man walked up to him and told him that he wanted to “end it all”.

Shortly afterwards, the man in question jumped over the edge of the quay.

With the help of a life buoy, the lifeguard was able to keep him afloat until the RNLI arrived.

During the interview, the RNLI were praised for their rapid response.

The lifeboat arrived seven minutes after the volunteer crew members had been paged.