Rental terms agreed for TK Maxx in Wexford

TK Maxx, Wexford - Stonebridge

The Stonebridge retail unit on Wexford’s quay.

American retailer TK Maxx has agreed the rental terms for its usage of the Stonebridge retail unit on Wexford’s quay front.

The popular department store chain, which sells clothing, footwear, bedding and other domestic goods, will pay 5 percent of its turnover in lieu of rent. It will also be given a 30-month rent-free period.

The 25,000sq Stonebridge development on Wexford’s quay has gone largely unused since it’s development.

In September, it was announced that an objection to TK Maxx by local businessman Nigel Hamilton had been shot down by An Bord Pleanála.

Although initial reports suggested that the store would be attempting to open before Christmas, an official spokesperson for the company has said that a pre-Christmas opening is “unlikely”.