Wexford Town in the 1980s.

This nostalgic video, which was uploaded by Youtube user Steve Ennis, shows us what Wexford Town looked like in the early 1980s. The footage was originally recorded by Ken Reid, who was the owner of the Mayflower Bar at the time. Sadly, Ken passed away in 2007 after a long battle with heart disease.

Although the footage isn’t great in terms of quality (we didn’t have HD camera phones in 1982), it does bring you back to a time when the roads were practically empty and one-way traffic systems didn’t exist!

Here are some stills from the video:

Davitt Road 1980s

Davitt Road South during the 1980s. The van on the left is a Celtic Linen van. Nowadays, this road is apart of a one-way system that flows in the opposite direction.

White Mill Road

White Mill Road, facing in the direction of the intersection with St. Aidan’s Road.

Wexford Town 1980s

A still shot of the car park beside the Phoenix Bar.

Davitt Road North

The Davitt Road North area of Wexford Town (close to Wygram Place). The wall to left used to encompass the old Tate School building, which was home to the Wexford Corporation for a number of years. These walls were later replaced with a shorter wall that had metal railings.