Wexford cousins find message in bottle that travelled from America.

Two Wexford cousins made a surprising discovery when they stumbled across a message in a bottle that had been sent from Massachusetts in the United States. The message, which was tossed into the Atlantic Ocean in July of 2014, was found on Cullenstown Strand by Wexford teenagers Cian O’Grady (15) and Tiarnan O’Grady (15).

The 18-month-old message, which was found in the wake of Storm Frank, reads as follows:

Hi my name is Ken Baker (46yrs). I live in Scituate MA with my wife Suzanne and kids Jenna (18) and Ryan (15).  We started tossing messages in bottles into the ocean in Dec. 2012. This is bottle #79. 21 of them have been found so far. Some have been found in Humarock Beach (Scituate), others made it to Long Island NY. One made it to Blaine (Minnesota) but that’s another story. Most of them (about 1/2) end up on the outer cape. My kids and their friends add notes at times but not this time, sorry. I will toss this one off of the end of the breakwater at the mouth of Scituate Harbour. The wind is out of the SW. Hopefully it will go further than Humarock. We like hearing back from the bottles. Let us know where and how you found bottle #79. Talk to you soon.

Cian’s father responded to the email address that Mr Baker added to the bottle, and the Scituate native expressed admiration for Cullenstown and County Wexford after he received photographs of the area.

It was also unveiled that Suzanne Baker’s maiden name is Grady, which means that her husband’s message traveled 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean before it was discovered by two teenagers with the surname O’Grady!