Wexford County Council in serious financial difficulties.

A report by the National Oversight and Audit Commission has found that Wexford County Council is currently grappling with a deteriorating revenue balance. The independent watchdog found that five local authorities in Ireland were struggling to control their revenue deficit.

The five local authorities in question were listed as Wexford, Sligo, Waterford, Mayo and Donegal. Sligo was noted as being the worst affected, with its deficit rising from €11.4 million in 2010 to nearly €27 million in 2014. Overall, the report found that roughly 55% of local authorities in Ireland were running a deficit at the end of 2014.

Between 2010 and 2014, the Wexford County Council’s revenue balance deficit rose by 28%, from €7.7 million to €9.9 million. Over the past five years, the Wexford County Council’s percentage of collection levels for housing loans has fallen from 90% to 75%. Meanwhile, its percentage of collection levels for rents has fallen from 93% to 90%.

While commenting on the deficit figures, the audit commission said “while some of these authorities have made progress on arresting the worsening situation, a small number continue to be a cause of concern.”