Wexford County Council informs John Street residents that water works may have left their homes vulnerable to electrical currents.

The Wexford County Council has advised the residents of John Street, Wexford to get their houses checked by a qualified electrician after recent water works  left homes in the area vulnerable to “lethal electrical currents.” According to the Wexford People paper, who broke the story, John Street residents received letters informing them that the electrical earthing in their houses may no longer be effective after newer plastic water pipes were installed in the area.

The letter, which was sent out to householders in the area, stated that the newer pipes do not provide an electrical earth and that existing electrical installations may have become dangerous as a result. The Council’s letter also went on to tell residents that they should get their houses checked by a qualified electrician, at their own expense.

So far, the reaction to the letter has been one of anger, with many locals expressing their disbelief  that the Wexford County Council would expect residents to pay for an electrician out of their own pocket.