Five suspected cases of Swine Flu being treated in Wexford General Hospital.

Two further suspected cases of Swine Flu are currently being treated in Wexford General Hospital. According to the HSE, the influenza strain responsible for the infection is currently circulating.

So far, three patients in Wexford General Hospital have been confirmed as having the H1N1 strain – with tests currently being carried out in two other suspected cases.

Although the current level of H1N1 cases has been described as unusual, Clinical Director Dr Colm Quigley noted that it is seen from time to time.

Dr Quigley also pointed out that there is no cause for undue concern and that healthy people should not have a problem in dealing with the strain.

At-risk groups that require special attention typically include pregnant women, those with compromised immune systems and elderly people over the age of 65.