Marriage referendum: Senator Jim Walsh’s constituency votes 74% YES.

Senator Jim Walsh
Senator Jim Walsh.

There was a sense of amusement on Facebook and Twitter this morning after Wexford reporter Anne Marie O’Connor announced that the marriage referendum results in NO campaigner Senator Jim Walsh’s area in New Ross, County Wexford had indicated a 74% YES vote.

Jim Walsh, who is well-known for his conservative views, recently made national headlines when he suggested that the €21 million spent on the 2015 marriage referendum should instead be diverted and used to test homosexuals for HIV. Walsh told the Seanad that the idea had been suggested to him by a gay man.

The Wexford senator has been known to court controversy in the past. In  2009, Walsh stated the women working outside of the home was a major source of depression amongst young people. He also expressed his annoyance at not being allowed to refer to gay people as “fairies”.