Optical illusion house in Wexford.

This fantastic optical illusion was painted on a house in County Wexford by a local artist called Yohan.

Optical Illusion House

The illusion, which makes it look as though balloons are pouring out of holes in the side of the house, was painted for an upcoming party that Yohan was having (the holes are a part of the illusion as well; lest you were fooled by its realism).

While speaking to Wexford Hub, the artist explained that the house in question is situated beside his family home in County Wexford and that he thought it would be cool to make it look as though it had been filled up with balloons. He also mentioned how he would have painted the internal design of the house had he not run out of time.

If you’re interested in taking a look at some of Yohan’s other work, you can check out his tumblr blog here or his Facebook page here.