Meyler Case: Accused “doesn’t remember anything.”

The man accused of murdering Wexford man Kenyon (Kenny) Meyler has claimed that he ‘doesn’t remember anything’.

Irishman Vincent Martin Crowe (33), who stands accused of the murder, is believed to have been taking mephedrone and ecstasy in the lead up to the attack.

According to the prosecution, Crowe and his friends had been drinking and taking ecstasy the night before. At 4AM, they returned from a nightclub to the residence in Scarborough, Perth.

After arriving back at Scarborough, it is reported that Crowe took a drug called mephedrone, which is also known as “meow meow” or “M-CAT”.

At 1PM, a verbal altercation occurred between Meyler and one of Crowe’s friends. The argument was brought to an end when one of the hosts at the house in Scarborough intervened and managed to ‘talk them down’. Afterwards, the two men shook hands and ‘everyone went back to normal’.

Approximately one hour after the argument had ended, Vincent Martin Crowe entered the kitchen area and grabbed a knife. He then walked up to Meyler and stabbed him in the neck as he sat at the dining room table.

Crowe’s defence lawyer, Judith Fordham, told the court that her client doesn’t remember anything from the attack. “From the very beginning when he found out, he’s been filled with remorse for what he has done.” Fordham also asked the court to acquit her client of murder and find him guilty of manslaughter instead.

The trial will continue today.