Irish singer Damien Dempsey saves Wexford man from drowning.

Irish singer Damien Dempsey was being heralded as a hero last Sunday night after he saved a young man from drowning in the River Slaney.

The Dublin-based singer and songwriter was on his way to perform at the Strawberry Festival in Enniscorthy, Wexford when the incident occurred.

According to those who witnessed the event, a man in his early twenties had fallen into difficulties while swimming in the River Slaney.

Dempsey, who had just arrived at the scene, said that the man was “bobbing up and down and trying to come up for air.” Upon noticing the man’s distress, Dempsey waded into the river before handing him a blanket and pulling him to safety.

Despite the praise from onlookers, the singer remained modest; getting back onto his tour bus so that he could reach the venue and carry out a sound check.