Reports of multiple burglaries in Wexford Town.

Over the past week, social media websites such as Facebook have been flooded with multiple reports of burglaries in Wexford Town.

This evening, Wolfe Tone Villas resident Therese Murphy reported that her parents house had been broken into while she was upstairs with her three-year-old child. The burglar in question made off with her father’s 50th birthday watch after she disturbed him during the act.

Yesterday evening, Pineridge resident Carol Goodison reported that she had arrived home, only to discover that that her house had been burgled and trashed. The burglars had gained entry after they smashed a patio door at the rear of the house.

Another report came from Tadgh Carley, who said that his parents house in Tobar Bán was burgled yesterday. According to Mr Carley, the stolen items included an expensive handbag, his father’s birthday watch, a number of jewelry items and a kindle tablet.

In response to the reports, a number of Wexford residents have started to organise neighbourhood watch patrols via Facebook groups such as Wexford Neighbourhood Crime Watch and Wexford Town Neighbourhood Watch Patrol. Members of these groups have also been attempting to educate others on how to secure their homes and deter would-be burglars.