Watch: Aerial footage of Wexford Town.

This interesting aerial footage of Wexford Town was captured by a local company called SkyPix Aerial Works.

Here are a few screenshots from the footage, which was captured by a drone. We’ve added a few labels to help you figure out where certain places are:

industrial estate wexford

Above: The Industrial Estate area of Wexford. In the distance, you can see Clonard Village. Wexford Retail Park (where ALDI and Woodie’s are located) can be seen in the top left.


Above: Looking towards LIDL supermarket and Kennedy Park school.

wexford aerial photograph

Above: The area around Clonard Road (Heathfield, Bloomfield and Mount Prospect).

Wexford Town

Above: Looking out towards Wexford Bridge. In the far distance, you can see Ravenwood Forest.