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Created a post at 8:16PM on Monday 20 Mar 2017.

"COLD WEATHER WARNING Interesting setup for Co, Wexford tomorrow evening into Wednesday - may amount to little but there is a slight to moderate chance of some surprise snowfall inland - especially by night & on higher ground. See following post taken from our main IRL & UK page RW for full details: **SEVERE WEATHER WARNING FOR UK & IRL** Not a severe prolonged cold spell but certainly significant for the time of year and the potential to cause problems for commuters, animal owners & growers. Showers turning increasingly wintry falling as hail & snow across western & central Scotland, western, SW, northern and midland Ireland along with Wales & NW England will lead to some accumulations - mainly on hills & mtns but some to lower levels possible. These may lead to tricky driving conditions during the morning - potentially causing some disruption on higher ground. Additionally, Wales, Northern England, Scotland and Ireland will see temps drop low enough to allow ice to form on untreated surfaces in places with a risk of widespread black ice in some areas where surfaces are wet from showers. Windchill will be considerable in all areas, possibly severe in highland areas and for much of Scotland. Some scattered thunderstorm activity is possible at times with very heavy falls of hail not ruled out in a few spots. The wintry conditions will stay with us right through to the weekend with a risk of significant snowfall in some areas, especially by night as a shallow low develops over Ireland and moves east in over the UK mainland later Tuesday into Wednesday. There will be a lot of cold air wrapped up in this complex system and it's not easy to say where snow will definitively fall but higher regions of eastern half of Ireland, Scotland & northern England at highest risk with some risk to lower levels too. Where snow will settled will be marginal but we will be watching things closely. Some surprise snowfalls may occur. Gradually becoming milder but drier over the weekend & possibly for most of next week but continuing risk of frosts by night and possibly quite chilly under any persisting cloud by day."

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