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Uploaded a photograph at 2:09PM on Monday 20 Mar 2017.

"Watching a family pack up their belongings, putting photos and mementos safely away, putting bedclothes and a few personal belongings in bags, knowing they have no where to go... this is Ireland 2017. Where it's still 'Go, move, SHIFT' for Travellers. We tried every avenue to negotiate a solution for this family. To no avail. The family decided to move out of the site peacefully. Not knowing where they will go, back on the road. The truth is they will likely be back in the same situation in a matter of weeks or months. We will continue to support this family, until Wexford council fulfill their commitment to provide traveller specific accommodation in Wexford town. We will keep you updated, but right now this family need today to gather their thoughts and go back to the drawing board."

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