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Shared a post at 12:53PM on Monday 20 Mar 2017.

"Enda Kenny has been lauded world wide for his words on immigration, and rightly so, it was an excellent speech. However, we must practice what we preach. The Irish diaspora has influenced the world in so many mostly positive ways. Yet we deny the opportunity to so many to spread their knowledge, skills and passion here. Apart from our low intake of refuggees in general, direct provision, and not allowing asylum seekers to work, must be one of the most shameful approaches to fellow human beings we inact in this country. Refugees are us in crisis."

The Worldwide Tribe:
""If they've got a smart phone...they're not a real refugee!" People often think that refugees are poor. -- We asked some of the friends we made living in a camp in the port in Athens, what they did before they were labelled a 'refugee'... ...this is what they told us... -- Please SHARE and TAG anyone you know who does any of the jobs mentioned in this film!"

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