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Live updates, news and information from County Wexford. This is an experimental feature that automatically collects news and information from various sources. Last updated at 4:00AM 23-Jan-2021.

Wed, 20-Jan-2021

11:20AM – On This Day In Wexford
376 years ago today, in 1645: An Irish Catholic Confederate army lays siege to Duncannon Fort.

Tue, 19-Jan-2021

11:20AM – On This Day In Wexford
154 years ago today, in 1867: The bridge in New Ross is carried away by a flood and a great flow of ice.

Mon, 18-Jan-2021

11:20AM – On This Day In Wexford
74 years ago today, in 1947: The Abbey Cinema opens on George’s Street in Wexford.